The Winner’s List

The TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey is a feedback portal that the Taco Bell Company uses to collect a large amount of feedback from its customers. In this way, they can improve the functioning of their internal systems and processes. The TellTheBell Survey is available on the official survey portal at The online portal is quite simple and secure to be accessed for every Taco Bell customer.

The TellTheBell Survey Winner’s List

You must be curious about the results of the TellTheBell official survey. Fortunately, Taco Bell uses transparency so that anyone can see the results in any period. You can also check the results of the sweepstakes on the official survey page. There is a link provided below the home button on the home page of the official website. Click on the link to check the list of winners for each period. The winner’s name appears there with the state.

Taco Bell publishes the confirmed names of the TellTheBell Survey winners. If you don’t recognize the administrator notification, you won’t be able to find your name on this list. In the meantime, as a Taco Bell fan, you can register for the Taco Bell official survey. You will be asked to answer a few questions based on your last visit to the Taco Bell premises.

There are 4 winners for each TellTheBell Survey draw. Winners will be notified within one week of the date of each TellTheBell Survey sweepstakes. Winners will be notified via the contact number provided or by direct mail.

Try your luck and take the Taco Bell Survey on the official web portal today. You may be the next person to win $ 500 in cash.

And yes, that is all you need to do to complete the TellTheBell Survey. Once completed, you will receive a coupon code that you can easily validate at any Taco Bell store. After you receive the available offer, you can easily validate it at your nearby Taco Bell store.