Taco Bell now offers every Taco Bell customer the opportunity to win a $ 500 cash prize. Do you know why and how? Don’t worry if you don’t know how and why. The company has launched the TellTheBell Survey to make sure that a customer is happy with the services offered by the company and if not, he can explain the loophole.

Taco Bell requests all the customers to participate in a customer satisfaction survey to find out how it is treating them. You must answer the TellTheBell Survey using the 16-digit survey code that is stamped on your Taco Bell receipt.

Official Survey or Take Help

The official Taco Bell is a customer survey website for restaurant customers. The survey is available on the official website Here you will find all the details and information to easily answer the survey.

TellTheBell Survey Participation Guide

The basic steps a customer needs to follow to answer the survey questionnaire are explained below. Read those steps before participating in this survey.

  • To participate online, you must visit one of the Taco Bell locations and make a purchase.
  • Keep that proof of purchase handy as it will work as your key to participate in this survey.
  • Visit the official TellTheBell Survey website at
  • You will need to submit your 16-digit survey code along with the date and time of your visit to the Taco Bell premises.
  • After successfully submitting the above details, you will see a TellTheBell questionnaire on the screen. Answer each question of this questionnaire honestly.
  • Once you successfully complete the TellTheBell Survey on the official website, you will receive a validation code to use on your next visit to the Taco Bell premises.

TellTheBell Survey Offline Method

If you wish to complete the Taco Bell Survey by mail, you must follow the steps below:

  • With this method, you no longer need to make a purchase from the Taco Bell stores.
    All you have to do is take a 3 “x 5” card and input your details such as name, contact number, permanent address, and email ID.
  • After entering your Information, send this card to Taco Bell stores.

What Are TellTheBell Survey Rules?

Below we have listed some rules and regulations that must be kept in mind before participating in the survey. Come in and start your journey with the survey by following the rules explained here.

  • A person will require a purchase receipt in order to take the survey. [Stamped with 16-digit survey code and stamped with details such as purchase date, purchase time, and transaction number].
  • The person taking this survey must have an age above 18.
  • Only the USA lawful citizens are allowed to answer the TellTheBell Survey.
  • Discount codes can only be used once to claim this survey’s rewards.
  • A supported web browser to access and participate in the online portal.
  • A strong and uninterrupted internet connection is a must to answer the TellTheBell Survey with ease.

The Taco Bell

The famous Taco Bell was established by Glenn Bell. Glenn established a hot dog stand in 1946. He was only 23 when he opened the hot dog stand. Taco Bell has been providing an ideal amalgamation of great quality services and food which has made them the most popular and the most loved fast-food chain in the world. Taco Bell constantly invests efforts to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction level on its premises.

TellTheBell is an online customer feedback survey that is brought into introduction by Taco Bell to easily manage customer ratings across all bar networks so they can provide network-wide feedback and enhance the quality of the customer service and quality prices for bars.

The TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey is a small effort by the company to interact with the customers and get their opinions and ideas. The company makes optimal use of valuable customer feedback and recommendations. This will not only assist the company to perform better at the end of the questionnaire, but it will also attract more customers to the Taco Bell premises.

After your last visit to the Taco Bell restaurant, share your experience with Taco Bell in the TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey and win a $ 500 prize

Start your Taco Bell Feedback now on the official website You will be offered some decent rewards for your contribution to this survey.

Survey NameTellTheBell
Participation ModeOnline
Parent CompanyTaco Bell
ParticipantsUSA Citizens
PlatformSecure Portal

The TellTheBell Survey gives the customers an opportunity to earn quick cash in the form of competition without getting into too much trouble. The survey is launched and managed by Taco Bell, a very popular fast-food chain. They try to get as many comments as possible and attract their customers with rewards. They just want to enhance customer satisfaction by asking more and more people to rate their services.

There are currently a total of 7,000 stores around the world where Taco Bell stores provide services. Taco Bell restaurants specialize in serving some Tex-Mex dishes, with tacos being Taco Bell’s principal attraction. Taco Bell’s customer numbers are really great. They serve more than 3 billion customers each year.

The Brief About TellTheBell Survey

The TellTheBell Survey takes less than 2 minutes to answer. You may well understand that the work you have to do is minimal. It presents a series of around 15 questions that you must answer with the utmost honesty and without taking the price factor into consideration. Answers often reflect your experience at the Taco Bell restaurant.

The Survey is quite easy for customers to participate in. The ratings on this survey range from 1 to 5. 5 indicate maximum satisfaction, while 1 indicates that he was very dissatisfied. You will be asked about the quality of food, the decoration of the facilities, the generosity of the staff, etc. This will help them to get an idea regarding the areas where they are lacking and work on the same.

Users can also answer the Tell The Bell Survey online or by email. For the online method, you must enjoy food from Taco Bell. For offline participation, you need to send a postcard with your details to the given address.

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